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1. General Conduct and Interactions

1.1 - Theft and Raiding: Stealing and raiding are permitted, except for town leaders and trusted positions (mayors, co-mayors, assistants, builders) who must not steal from town residents. Town leaders decide the consequences for internal theft.

1.2 - Prohibited Behaviors: Bullying, harassment, promoting self-harm, discriminatory language (racist, homophobic, etc.), inciting violence, hate speech, and sexual actions or speech towards minors are forbidden. Spam and explicit discussions on sensitive topics (sex, drugs, etc.) are not allowed.

1.3 - Personal Information: Do not share personal information without explicit consent. This includes photos, contact details, social network profiles, and location data. This includes threats to expose this information.

1.4 - Link Sharing: Links may be shared in whispers and town chats, with only server-related links allowed in general chat. Links to inappropriate content are prohibited.

1.5 - Advertising and Promotion: Advertising other servers or IP baiting is strictly prohibited. Encouraging players to join other servers, even without sharing IPs, is also forbidden.

1.6 - Real Money Transactions: Selling in-game items, content, or services for real money is not allowed.

1.7 - Language and Channel Use: English is the primary language for global chats. Use designated channels for other languages and content types. Follow channel-specific guidelines.

1.8 - Impersonation: Impersonating staff, other players, or positions of authority is prohibited and subject to penalties.

1.9 - Harassment: Targeted harassment, in-game or on associated platforms, is banned. This includes spamming, claim camping, and disruptive behaviors.

2. Game Integrity and Fair Play

2.1 - Exploits and Cheating: Benefiting from or engaging in exploits, bugs, or hacks is punishable. This includes server bugs, game glitches (duping, block-glitching, etc.), and the use of cheat clients. 

2.2 - Alternative Accounts: Only one account per player is allowed. Sibling accounts on the same IP must be verified. Account sharing is not permitted.

2.3 - Modifications: Only approved mods (e.g., OptiFine, non-exploitative HUD mods) are allowed. Mods giving unfair advantages are banned. (Auto-Fishing is allowed till July 12th, 2024)

2.4 -Server Disruption: Intentional harm to server operations (DDoS, spamming) will result in a permanent ban and legal action.

2.5 - Farming and Construction Limits: Adhere to specific limits for mob farms, spawners, and construction to prevent server lag.

3. Griefing and Land Use

3.1 - Town and Wilderness Griefing: Griefing claimed towns or wilderness areas, including lava casting and mass burning, is prohibited. Constructive destruction for new towns requires admin discretion.

3.2 - Land Claims: Properly fill town claims without "spaghetti claiming." Claim blocking and starting "Anchor Towns" for disruptive purposes are not allowed.

3.3 - Environmental Preservation: Major alterations to natural landscapes and water bodies are restricted to maintain geographical accuracy.

3.4 - Map Art: Only allowed in specific areas, following content guidelines that exclude violence, discrimination, and NSFW themes.

4. Combat and PvP

4.1 - Combat Engagement: Combat is permitted. Post-defeat engagement rules apply. Spawn camping is banned. Nation Spawn or Town Spawn camping/killing is banned.

4.2 - Claim Hopping: Using claims to avoid combat or gain an advantage is prohibited.

5. Naming and Representation

5.1 - Names and Representation: Town and nation names must adhere to guidelines around appropriateness, uniqueness, and relevance to geopolitics. Inappropriate player skins, usernames, and nicknames are not allowed.

6. Towny and SiegeWar Specifics

6.1 - Siege Conduct: Kill feeding, town-claim surrounding strategies, and digging pits under siege banners to disrupt sieges are prohibited.

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