Get started with your adventure with this helpful guide to help you on your way.

I just joined, what do I do?
Get yourself situtated, find a good place to build a base. You can create your own town once you have 256 by typing /t new townname

How do I get gold?
You can obtain gold in many different ways. Mining gold rich locations, trading with players, starting your own shop or fighting for it. You can vote for the server, uptime 6 times per day using /vote and earn 45 .

How do I know where I am?
Navigate the world through your web browser, visit If you can't find yourself, try using the side-bar on the far right to navigate to your character.

How do I join the town?
You can ask permission from a mayor, they'll issue you an invite, which you can accept by typing /accept.

How do I claim land?
If you are the mayor of a town, make sure you deposit gold in your town bank with the command, /t deposit 8. One claim cost 8 . Stand in the chunk you want to claim and run the command /t claim. Claims have to be adjacent to other claims. You can view chunks in game by pressing F3 + G

Can you teleport?
You are not able to teleport directly to players. Instead, you can join a town. From there you will be able to visit your towns spawn by typing /t spawn, if your town is in a nation, you can type /n spawn. Nation residents can only visit their nation capital and not each others towns.