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SiegeWar Configuration Guide: How to navigate our tweaks to SiegeWar



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June 13, 2024 at 10:14 PM

SiegeWar Configuration Guide


This guide explains the settings and mechanics of SiegeWar on our server, helping players understand how different aspects are configured and what to expect during gameplay.

General Settings

SiegeWar is enabled on our server, allowing players to engage in conquest sieges. Revolt sieges, where towns can rebel, are currently disabled. Towns have the option to surrender if the siege becomes overwhelming, but they cannot abandon a siege once it has started.

Financial Aspects

  • Upfront Costs: There are no upfront costs per plot for starting a siege.
  • Warchest Costs: Each plot involved in a siege has a warchest cost of 30.0.
  • Plunder: When a town is plundered, the attackers receive 40.0 per plot, paid over six installments.
  • Capital Siege Costs: There is no additional cost increase for sieging a capital.
  • Occupation Tax: Maximum occupation tax per plot is set to 0.0.

Siege Mechanics

  • Battle Sessions: Each siege has eight battle sessions, and each session lasts 1.5 hours.
  • Immunity Times: New towns have 72 hours of immunity from sieges. After a siege ends, towns have 168 hours (7 days) of immunity before they can be sieged again.
  • Banner Control: Banner control sessions last for 6 minutes, and the siegezone radius is 200 blocks.

Special Rules

  • Besieged Towns: Besieged towns cannot recruit new residents or claim/unclaim land. Capitals under siege cannot change kings.
  • Spawn Restrictions: Non-residents cannot spawn into siege zones or besieged towns.
  • Glowing Effect: Players in siege zones will have a glowing effect to make them more visible.

Points System

Points are awarded for various actions during a siege, such as banner control and player deaths. Attacking and defending players gain 10 points every 20 seconds of banner control and lose 60 points upon death in the siege zone.

Toxicity Reduction

Although not currently active, there are settings in place to reduce toxicity in chat and restore general chat functionality 10 minutes after a battle session ends.

Discord Integration

Our server uses Discord webhooks to notify players about key events in SiegeWar, such as the start and end of siege sessions.


Overrides are in place to stop Towny plot protection and friendly fire protection within siege zones.

Additional Configurations

  • Siege Assemblies: Enabled to prevent mock sieges. Assemblies last for 7 minutes, requiring attackers to score 14 points to start a siege.
  • Peaceful Towns: Towns can toggle peaceful status for immunity from attacks. Peaceful towns have public spawns and can be subverted by non-peaceful guardian towns within a 1200-block radius.
  • Occupied Towns: Occupied towns cannot unclaim land.
  • War Sickness: Non-participants in a siege zone receive war sickness, with severe effects like Weakness V, Health 1, Nausea V, Poison V, Slowness III, and Mining Fatigue III.
  • Beacon Markers: Enabled to show client-side beacons for players at the siege banner, with different colors for capturing, captured, and enemy control states.
  • Battle Session Scheduler: Battle sessions start at specific times, with each session lasting 1.5 hours. Sessions are scheduled from 4 PM EST on Fridays to 11 PM EST on Sundays.
  • Keep Inventory on Death: Players keep their inventory upon death in active siege zones, with tools degrading by 7.5%.

This guide should help you understand the key configurations and what to expect during your SiegeWar experience. Happy sieging!

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June 13, 2024 at 10:15 PM
Whoever created this config is brilliant and so smart (and handsome).

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