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EarthPol is a Geopolitical Sandbox Minecraft Server. Create your own towns, strength your nation, forge alliances and conquer the world with your friends!


EP v1.0.6

Update August 5, 2022

EarthPol Update 1.0.6

Legend: [# Fixed], [+ Added], [- Removed]

[+] CombatNerf has been added. CombatNerf is a custom plugin I made to remove undesired effects in Siege Zones. The following have been removed: ```Invisibility, Blindness, Mining Fatigue, Haste, Wither, Hunger, Health Boost, Nausea, Saturation, Resistance, Levitation. Any effect greater than it's Minecraft vanilla level.```
[+] Added infinite carpet recipes, just like previous various, you can now duplicate carpets from the crafting table for the purposes of making mapart! 
[+] Added Prismarine Shards and Prismarine Crystal recipes! Check them out in your Recipe Book in the game!
[+] Added a very helpful `/help` command to the game. It has a lot of helpful tips and tricks.

[-] McMMO Blast Mining has been disabled.

[#] Haste I and Haste II potions have been re-enabled. Sorry about this, it was a mistake.
[#] TownyPorts teleportation has been reduced to 15 seconds from 60 seconds.
[#] A bug has been fixed that broke villagers and/or caused them to despawn.
[#] Fixed a bug that broke Hoppers.

[+] Added CoKing to the ranklist of a nation. The CoKing and kick, rank, set titles and surnames, add enemies, add allys, add new towns and withdraw money.
[+] Added Recruiter to the ranklist of a nation. The Recruiter can add users to a town.
[+] Updated Towny to version

EP v1.0.5

Update July 29, 2022

EarthPol Update 1.0.4

Legend: [# Fixed], [+ Added], [- Removed]


[+] TownyPorts, a plugin that will allow you to traverse the world efficiently beyond your Nation Influence Zone! The money you pay goes directly to the town you transport to!
     - Get started with `/plot set port` to set up your port and use `/port <town>` to travel to another port.
     - DynMap Support is coming soon.
[+] MelonXP, obtain amazing EXP from farming melons!
[+] Anti Nether Trap has been added to prevent trapping people in portals. It's against the rules!
[#] A regeneration of some areas has been completed and ready for transfer


[+] Readded AntiVPN

EP v1.0.4

Update July 21, 2022

EarthPol Update 1.0.4

Legend: [# Fixed], [+ Added], [- Removed]


[+] Concrete Powder can be placed into a stack and dropped directly into a cauldron filled with water to instantly convert it into concrete.
[+] /distance command has been added to provide you tools and information to calculate and understand the distance of sphere of influence.

[-] Gold Economy Standard has been reverted due to multiple "dupe" discoveries related to Physical Gold Calculations. You can now sell your physical gold for a balance using /sell hand
[-] Removed Lunar Client for EarthPol due to various issues relating to Lunar Client's incompatibility for 1.18 servers thanks to its crappy programming.

Towny Changes:

[#] Changed Town Creation Price from 64G to 32G

[#] Changed Town Claim Price from 4G to 2G

[-] Removed Keep Inventory on Death in Own Town.

[-] Removed Keep Inventory on Death in Allied Town.

[-] Removed Keep Inventory on Death in Town.


[+] Added Version 3.0 to Queue/Proxy. You can do /joinqueue v3 to access the Version 3.0 server.

EP v1.0.3

Update July 16, 2022

EarthPol Update 1.0.3

Legend: [# Fixed], [+ Added], [- Removed]

[+] Added Custom Recipes for
- Bell
- Blue Ice
- Packed Ice
- Cobweb
- Inksac
- Lilypad
- Powered Rails
- Sponge
- String
- Concrete Powders (Any sand in any color)

[+] Add /recipes command
[+] Add /sethome command to everyone, works only in your own town.
[-] Removed limitation for adding alliances, but the limitations for nation spawning still stand.
[#] Fix two gold dupes. Special thanks to Jamapple and Domovyk for reporting these duple glitches. They have been rewarded with 1 month of premium for free

EP v1.0.2

Update July 15, 2022

EarthPol Update 1.0.2

Legend: [# Fixed], [+ Added], [- Removed]

[+] FarmLimiter, this plugin will prevent overly large animal/mob farms. You can have any mix of pig, cow, sheep, chicken up to 24 in an area of 24x24. Any higher than 24 in the 24x24 area will result in that mob being despawned.

[#] Parts of Africa have been regenerated to resolve a generation issue with both the ores and lakes. The world files will be re-uploaded and moved in approximately 8 hours.

[#] Fixed CoMayor not being able to withdraw gold.

[+] Added Game Chat Role to #roles channel. #game-chat is now hidden unless you have this role.

EP v1.0.1

Update July 14, 2022

EarthPol Update 1.0.

Legend: [# Fixed], [+ Added], [- Removed]

[+] QuickShop, a plugin that allows you to quickly create shops by holding the item in your hand in the desired quantity you want to sell, then left-clicking a chest and typing in chat the amount you want to sell that quantity for. It's super quick and more efficient than ChestShop

[-] ChestShop, no longer required since QuickShop is taking its place.

[-] McMMO Party Teleport, this was not supposed to be enabled, but an additional permission was triggering it.

[#] CombatTimer, CombatTag and AntiClaimHop system was not engaging on startup, readjusted code and produced a working version!

[#] DynMap Hide has been fully disabled, it's a bit of a buggy permission to deny, but it finally works. After a reload, all hidden players will be removed from the hidden list.

[+] CoMayor rank has been added to Towns. Inherits Builder Permissions but has more town command advantages.

[+] Builder Rank now grants access to anywhere in the town that is not Plot Claimed by another User.

[-] Removed Sheriff Rank, it's not useful on EarthPol. All additional pieces to it have been moved to the rank Guard.

Coming soon
[*] A way to do /sethome inside your own town and/or claim.

[*] Re-addition of the RTP and Spawn Map system.

[*] Addition of certain custom recipes that aren't loading properly.

[*] Fixes for Mobs and Chunk Loading issues.

[*] Farmer's kit, to fill the void with missing farming crops that are not present in the world.

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